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Why I Said YES and you should too!

I cried in the J.Crew factory dressing room.


It was the morning of our family pictures, I was 15 weeks postpartum, the scale said I had returned to my pre-pregnancy weight but my jeans disagreed. I remember sweating as I pulled on the darkest rinse skinny jeans I could find in a size larger than I was used to and my waist spilling over the top when I buttoned them. I knew spanx would have to be involved in the final photo outfit and it was 85 that day. I wanted to just cancel. 

I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, guilty and shallow for feeling anything but glowing and grateful. I hated even caring that my body wasn’t the one I had known less than a year before. I let it steal some of the joy of being a new mom.

Truth is Postpartum is hard and what I needed was community. I needed support from other women in the same season of life. I needed to learn how to fuel my body to thrive under these new circumstances, so I could feel my best. I needed to learn how to navigate this new chapter as not just a new mom but a new version of me. I needed to learn to love my body the way I wanted my daughter to love hers. I wanted to change the dialogue that I had with myself and give her the confident mother she deserves.

I waited 4 more months before saying yes to the FASTer Way and have never looked back. In retrospect, knowing how it feels this time around, I wish I hadn’t hesitated. 15 weeks postpartum with baby #2 there were no tears pulling on my jeans. There was no guilt or shame or anger toward my body. This time around, I felt good and could just enjoy the moment knowing that I was taking care of both of us. 

One of the best things I've ever done for myself and for my family was prioritizing my health. The FASTer Way has given me the support that I need to build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

It would be my honor and privilege to walk this journey with you and help you start feeling your best.



Owning my confidence

There is no greater peace than feeling at home in your own body. I'm so proud that I'm finally at a place where I can celebrate my body and feel confident rather than pick it apart. I want that peace for you too!

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